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Possible invalidity of some of the present terms does not entail invalidity of the others. Not exerting its present terms and conditions rights does not by any means mean that Pukka.gr waives its rights. Pukka.gr is not responsible for any violation of the present terms and conditions due to force majeure, such as extreme weather conditions, earthquakes, floods, fires, emergency situations etc.

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Pukka.gr is committed as to the quality, inclusiveness and validity of the information that is mentioned in the present website as regards to Pukka identity without prejudice to possible technical or typographical error which cannot be foreseen or have unintentionally arisen or any discontinuation of the website due to force majeure

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Pukka.gr is totally opposed to compiling data of minors, namely individuals who are under the age of 18.


In case a visitor of Pukka.gr uses the contact option of this website to provide other information other than their personal details, for example, suggestions on the website, or advertising and product ideas as well as any other relevant piece of information, this information, suggestions and ideas are now in the possession of Pukka.gr with the user’s consent and can be used/ deployed by Pukka.gr in whatever way (e.g. reproduction, modification, sharing etc.) for commercial or non-commercial reasons and the visitor, on the other hand, who has provided the aforementioned information, suggestions and ideas waives his/her right on every information, suggestion or idea that shared voluntarily and at the same time he/she waives any right of reimbursement for the use of the above-mentioned material by Pukka.gr.


The visitor/user of the present website is solely responsible for the legal use of it and is obliged to abstain from every illegal action and abusive behavior as well as from the adoption of any unlawful and unfair competition practices.

The visitor/user is forbidden to send or transmit illegal material through Pukka.gr. As such is considered the material which violates the rights of third parties (indicatively we mention copyright, confidentiality and privacy rights) or/and something that is untrue, inaccurate, threatening, insulting, abusive, vulgar, violent, defamatory or encourages indictable actions. It is also forbidden for the visitors/users to harm underage people in any way, to forge or tamper with the identifying data of visitors/users so that they are misled as to where the material transmitted through Pukka.gr has originated from, to post, publish, send or use any other means for setting up unsolicited advertising or any other material related to product or service promotion or third websites, to send unwanted and uninvited emails nor any other promotion material which is not desirable. Harassment of third parties is by all means forbidden. The visitors/users agree that they will not put the safety of this website in danger nor will they prevent any user from accessing this website. The use of the particular website for illegal purposes entails civil and penal sanctions. The visitor/user agrees and accepts that Pukka.gr bears no responsibility for any material with the above-mention characteristics that originates from third parties and is presented on the website, while at the same time it cannot be concluded that Pukka.gr embraces or accepts such kind of content.

The user understands and accepts that when using the services of Pukka.gr he may be exposed to insulting, unethical or unlawful material. In case Pukka.gr is notified of any content being harmful to a third party, it has every right to proceed with deletion of that content and at the same time discontinue the operation of the account of the visitor/member who violates the present terms and conditions. Pukka.gr states that it will cooperate with every police or judicial authority so that the identity of any user who posts or transmits such material or information is revealed.

The visitors/users commit to the personal data submitted being complete, true and accurate, complying with the rules of the Greek Law and especially with the provisions of telecommunication law, abstaining from every illegal or opposing to the morals of Pukka.gr use and not violating any rights of a third party and, more importantly, privacy.

In case a visitor/user causes any technical breakdown to the website or to the systems that transmit the website to the visitors/users, he is responsible for any damage that may result from the particular breakdown and bears the expenses needed for restoring the damage.

Moreover, the visitor/user of Pukka.gr understands and accepts that he is exclusively responsible for compensating Pukka.gr and its associates for any legal dispute that may arise between them and third parties due to the content that he has posted, published or transmitted via Pukka.gr as well as in case of untrue data input while registering or updating and, generally, in case of any violation of the present terms and conditions.

The visitor/ user understands and accepts that, without any prior notice, Pukka.gr has the exclusive right to discontinue the use or/and disposal of its content to the visitors/users who it feels have violated the letter and the spirit of these Terms and Conditions. Pukka.gr has no obligation toward the visitor/user for the aforementioned discontinuation or for any requirements which deal with this discontinuation.


Pukka.gr bears no responsibility towards customers/visitors for any damages that might arise from the completion or not of their orders (apart from the cases mentioned in paragraph “Product Returns”).

Pukka.gr reserves all its legal rights as to the time of product delivery in cases of force majeure.

Pukka.gr provides no guarantee as to the availability of the products, but it guarantees to timely inform the consumers in case of non-availability.

Pukka.gr bears no responsibility for whatever kind of damage is caused to the visitor/user of the Pukka.gr sites, services, options and content which he uses on his own account and responsibility (e.g. indicatively and not restrictively damage due to illegal actions of third parties such as identity theft or decoding codes and data, spreading viruses while using the website or reproduction (download) of information of its content, due to problems that may arise while using a computer (e.g. loss of data etc.) etc. Pukka.gr is used as at, without any guarantee explicitly or indirectly stated, based on the availability. Pukka.gr overexerts itself trying to maintain its content and have it always available. However, its users accept that Pukka.gr has every right to modify or/and discontinue temporarily or permanently its full or piecemeal operation without any prior notice to the users, given that availability may as well be influenced by the equipment of the users, other communication networks, the traffic in Pukka.gr and other reasons. Therefore, Pukka.gr bears no responsibility for whatever kind of damage (material, consequential, negligent, contractual or any other) is inflicted by the lack of access of its users to it, full or piecemeal discontinuation of it, delay, non-delivery, discontinuation or bad quality of its services or product loss or any errors. In any case, Pukka.gr has every right to temporarily or permanently discontinue its full or piecemeal operation for maintenance or upgrading or any other reason.

Pukka.gr does not guarantee that the pages, services, options and contents will be provided uninterruptedly, without any errors, that this website will be safe, that errors will be fixed in this particular website nor that the server that renders Pukka.gr available has no viruses or other damaging elements. The cost of any potential correction or support burdens the visitor/user and in no case Pukka.gr.


Product returns which burden TERZOPOULOS PAN. THEOFILOS

The customer has every right to return the products he has purchased from the present website with charges burdening TERZOPOULOS PAN. THEOFILOS in the following cases:

1. If to Pukka.gr’s fault the wrong items have been sold (wrong order taking, wrong invoicing or dispatching etc.). In that case, the customer can ask for their return. Products that are returned, however, should be in an excellent condition, sealed, complete, without any wearing. The product packaging should be the one that normally goes with the product and be in an excellent condition as well.

2. If to Pukka’s fault there have been any bad quality items sold (damaged while shipped, in poor packaging etc.). In that case, the customer should not accept the product delivery and he should contact this website. In case the customer agrees to receive the product, Pukka.gr will not accept any return and, consequently, it will not proceed with any replacement of it. Moreover, in case the customer does not return the product then we will not be sent a new one, thus, he will need to proceed with placing a new order/ purchase. The product should be returned in the condition it was delivered.

In both aforementioned cases the time limit of product return cannot by any means exceed 14 calendar days from the day of delivery.

Product returns which burden the customer

The customer has the right to return the products he has purchased, without any penalty and without being obliged to explain the reason for which he wishes to return the product within 14 calendar days from the date of delivery. In that case, he is burdened with the direct return costs of the products. Returns will be accepted only as long as the products that the customer wishes to return are in the same condition in which they were received, that is without being unsealed or their packaging being violated. Return deadline expires in 14 calendar days.
1. From the day of signing the contract for contracts of service

2. For sales contracts from the day when the customer/consumer or a third party appointed by him, not the distributor, receives the goods shipped or

i. from the day when the customer/consumer or a third party appointed by him, not the distributor, receives the final product, in case of many products ordered by the consumer after placing one order and the products are delivered separately.

ii. from the day when the customer/consumer or a third party appointed by him, not the distributor, receives the final shipment or the final item, in case the goods delivered consist of many shipments or a lot of items.

The customer ought to inform the company on his decision of returning the products with a clear statement so that he can have the right of withdrawal. If the customer sends his withdrawal statement through email, the company will send a confirmation of his withdrawal request on solid means (e.g. email).

For the customer to abide by the cancellation deadline, it is sufficient to inform before the end of the deadline. What is more, the customer ought to send the products he wishes to return back to the company without any unjustifiable delay and certainly within 14 calendar days from the day he stated that he withdraws. The deadline is considered to have been met if the customer sends the products back before the expiry of the 14-calendar-day period. The customer will be burdened with the product return costs.

In cases of product returns, refund that corresponds to the products ordered by the customer will be completed by Pukka.gr within 14 calendar days from the day it becomes informed of the customer’s wish to withdraw. The company has the right to delay with the refund until after it receives the products back or until the customer provides solid evidence that he has shipped the products back, whichever happens first. The company will carry out the aforementioned refund by using the same way of payment the customer used in his initial transaction unless the customer has explicitly agreed otherwise. In any case, the customer will not be burdened with any expenses for such a refund. The refund can be by crediting the customer’s bank account, an account that he will make known to Pukka.gr timely and in writing. The company does not require any additional delivery fees to be returned if the customer has clearly chosen a delivery method different from the typical one that the company offers. The customer bears responsibility for whatever decrease in value of the goods might arise from unnecessary handling as far as the nature of the product, its characteristics and their function are concerned. The risk of damaged products or product loss until they are in the hands of the customer/consumer or in the hands of a third person appointed by the customer/consumer burdens the company except in cases in which the courier has been ordered by the customer/consumer and in such case the risk burdens the customer/client upon delivery to the carrier.

It is reminded that for real quality flaws and lack of assembled qualities, according to articles 534 following the Civil Code, the responsibility burdens the seller.


The right to withdrawal does not apply to products which are made according to the standards of the customer/consumer or custom-made products (e.g. garments, accessories which are constructed after a customer places an order).


In any case of product return, the customer is obliged to also deliver the documents which accompanied the product intact and in perfect condition (e.g. ID, retail receipt, gifts etc.).



We acceptand ship orders within Greece and Cyprus as well as in countries abroad. Shipping is carried out daily except Saturday, Sunday and bank holidays from 10.00am-17.00 pm

The various product offers that appear on the present website are for a short period of time and are valid while stocks last.


Prices do not include VAT. Pukka.gr has the right to change the prices without prior notice. In any case, however, the customer will pay the price that was written on at the time of order upon delivery.

Order Completion / Confirmation

After completing the checkout process, the customer shall receive confirmation and order number by email or/and phone.

Order cancellation

Before checkout, during the online order process, the customer can click on the “Remove” option and that way proceed with an automatic cancellation of his order. In case he has ordered more than one products and wishes to cancel the order of one or more of them, by clicking on the “Remove” option he will cancel the order of the products he does not want to include in his final order.

Altering an order

After completing the checkout process no changes can be made. Should the customer wish something like that, he has to proceed with a cancellation of the order before its completion and choose other products.

Product availability

In case any of the products the customer has ordered is not available, Pukka.gr will contact him via email or/and phone within a reasonable time from the placement of his order so that he can be informed on the possible delivery date. If the customer thinks that he is not satisfied with the time of delivery he can cancel the order of the said product while the rest of his order may as well be carried out normally.

Monitoring order

Pukka.gr offers its customers the ability to monitor the order status through emails that they receive every time their order changes status.

Product delivery

For the protection of its owner, in case the purchase has been made with a credit card, product delivery is accepted only by the buyer who needs to receive the order himself by showing his identification card or his passport and his credit card.

Order delivery cannot by any means be accepted by a third person unless the buyer has authorized a third person in writing. But even in the case of a written authorization, the person authorized should show the above-mentioned documents for the product delivery made by credit card to be carried out properly.

Time of delivery

Delivery is carried out within 15 dates at the latest from order submission and depends on the availability of the products. In exceptional cases and after notifying the customer delivery time may be extended.


Product delivery is carried out exclusively through courier services.

Shipping charges / COD

Shipping costs are amount to €3.50 for payment via credit card or bank deposit for products up to 2 kilos within Greece (for more kilos there is a price list available on the site). For COD payment there is an extra charge of 2.5€. Shipping costs for Cyprus amount to 11.5 € up to 2 kilos (while for other European countries there is a price list available on the site)



Pukka.gr online store accepts the credit cards: Visa, MasterCard, Maestro, American Express and Diners Club International via Viva Wallet.

The option of paying by installments is not provided, so the amount should be paid one-off. One-off payment includes the value of products as well as shipping costs.
For purchases that are carried out with the use of credit card the customer has to follow the instructions he will find available on the present website. In the order form provided he will need to complete the number and the expiration date of his credit card. The billing of his credit card is carried out only after personal data and validity are checked and certified. The customer is the sole responsible for the correct tracking and truthful details of his credit card.

For purchases carried out with a debit card or payment to a bank account, the customer has to send the deposit slip to info@pukka.gr as a confirmation of payment and his order will then be shipped.

In any case of purchase the buyer should also be the owner of the card he uses for the current transaction.


The customer pays the courier employee who acts under Pukka.gr’s order upon delivery at his door. COD payment is not an option for orders delivered in Cyprus and the other European countries.


Product delivery is conducted by cooperating courier companies, to whom Pukka.gr forwards the users’ personal information such as full name and shipping address so that delivery and product carryout is achieved.


Your order is likely to delay for the following reasons:

  1. The product is not available and needs to be sewn from scratch or in case the supplier of Pukka.gr has no available fabric/leather that is needed for creating of the product.

  2. The product is no longer produced; therefore, it is no longer available. In that case, Pukka.gr will contact the customer so that it can offer some kind of alternative.

  3. In periods of extreme weather conditions or strikes as well as due to force majeure that is likely to affect transportation and delivery to the customer. In that case Pukka.gr will contact the customer as soon as possible so that the latter will state whether he wishes to complete his order under such circumstances.

  4. In case communication with the customer either by phone or by email is impossible (e.g. if some kind of a problem arises with the order, either as far as the product or its payment is concerned) because for instance the personal details the customer has entered are not properly updated.


The present terms and conditions of Pukka.gr website are governed by the Greek Law, by the current legislative provisions of the European Union and by the relevant International Treaties. In case any of the present terms is rendered invalid or annullable, its invalidity does not affect the validity of the other terms. Competent court for whatever dispute arises from the use of the Pukka.gr website, or as far as the interpretation or application of the present terms and conditions are concerned is the Court of Athens.


For more information related to Pukka.gr users can contact pukka.gr in the number 6945490751 or via email in info@pukka.gr and by mail to the following address:




Personal information protection  


TERZOPOULOS PAN. THEOFILOS is committed to protecting the personal data of the visitors/users of pukka.gr abiding by the relevant provisions with regard to privacy (L.2472/1997 for the protection of personal data and privacy of individuals) as applicable.

For that reason no information concerning the personal data of the visitors/users is collected unless they themselves provide them voluntarily. To navigate Pukka.gr or access its content no information that constitutes personal data is required, unless in those cases in which the visitor/user needs to become a member of Pukka.gr to have access to some special offers.


However, if the visitor/user wishes to order products but also in order to ensure contact potential and generally to support, promote and carry out a transaction with him, it is likely that he will be asked to make his personal details known (such as full name, profession, email, date of birth etc.). Any personal details of the users are meant exclusively for carrying out orders and contracts that will be signed through Pukka.gr for product supplies. Moreover, visitors have the chance, if they wish, to ask for notifications on the new products of this website as well as on the existing offers either through the company itself or through cooperating companies via email to the stated email address or via promotional message (SMS) in their cell phone. In that case, the visitor/user agrees that the data he submits to Pukka.gr are complete, correct, true, accurate and valid and that in case they change he will notify the relevant Pukka.gr service so that the data is kept complete, correct, true, accurate and valid. If the user wishes to discontinue communication for promotional purposes, he simply needs to fill in the contact form of www.pukka,gr where he can state his wish.

Yet, since third persons are likely to have the ability to read the users’ messages that are sent online, it is highly recommended that the users not send information that they wish to keep confidential through emails.

The users that provide the website Pukka.gr with their personal details have the right to ask and receive the following information from TERZOPOULOS PAN. THEOFILOS:

a) All the personal details that concern them b) editing purposes and possible recipients c) the correction of their kept details as well as to object to the details that are of their concern.

Registered users have the right to ask the deletion of their personal data, whenever and without any cost, by sending an email to info@pukka.gr. Deletion through email contact is also an option by clicking on “unsubscribe” that you will find at the bottom of your email.

The aforementioned notification of personal data by the users of Pukka.gr constitutes acceptance of the present terms and conditions. In case the user does not consent to the aforementioned use of his personal data, he should not complete the relevant fields.


Pukka.gr strives to secure the users’ personal data by abiding by severe security measures which at the discretion of Pukka.gr are subject to change or modification. Yet, the users are informed that sending confidential information through email services is not the safest way of doing so, since it poses a risk of this information being read by unauthorized third parties.

Pukka.gr uses SSL (SecureSocketsLayer) technology, certified by Let’s Encrypt Authority X3, to secure the protection of the users’ personal data. With this technology, every piece of information that the visitor/user inputs in Pukka.gr is codified before it goes online and after that, the authenticity of the message and the server are looked into.


Pukka.gr may use cookies to identify the user and facilitate the operation of its website. Cookies are small files that are stored on every user’s computer so that he can be identified in future website visits. They also help so that the website can identify and record your preferences so as to offer the best shopping experience possible as well as to provide you with advertisements and offers that may interest you.

Third suppliers, including Google, can use some of the cookies (such as, for example, AnalyticsCookie) and Cookies of third suppliers (such as DoubleClickcookie) for better information, optimization and advertisement promotion. Cookies do not access any of the documents or files of the user’s computer and are solely used for facilitating access of the user to specific services, for marketing purposes as well as statistics so that the areas in which Pukka.gr services are useful or popular can be defined.

The user can adjust his server in order not to receive cookies, whether entirely or on a case-by-case basis. In that case, the user cannot have further access to these services. Alternatively, visit the website http://google.com/ads/preferences


TERZOPOULOS PAN. THEOFILOS Company has its head office in Thessaloniki, more specifically 10 KARBOLA Str., 54631, THESSALONIKI CENTER

You can contact us in the above address or call us in

Tel: 6945490751, Monday to Friday from 9:00 am to 18:00 pm

e-mail: info@pukka.gr